The start

Every story needs a beginning. This one began about 5 years ago when I started Supertext.

Again and again I heard friend say that they want to start their own company too and that they a had great idea.

But they kept their ideas secret. And started working on a logo. And the homepage.

A few months later they were maybe working on a business plan. At least they said it. But to this day non of them have started a business.

What to do?

What we learned from that is, to start you don’t need a business plan. Don’t waste time with a logo. Don’t build a complicated website explaining what you WANT to do. You just need to DO it.

And now?

Along came the Lean Startup movement from Eric Ries. You should absolutely read his book.

Riding on this wave was the Lean Startup Machine by Trevor Owens. Unfortunately he’s focusing on bigger cities at the moment, so we could not get Zürich on his Radar. If the prophet does not go to the Mountain, you have to bring the mountain to the prophet.

That is when we de decide to organize our own version of the Lean Startup Machine.

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