The founding fathers

Marcus Kuhn – CEO & Co-Founder @

Marcus Kuhn

Marcus has an M.A. HSG in Strategy and International Management as well as an MBA (Technology) from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Marcus started his first entrepreneurial endeavours early on but has now really gotten into the game with As a member of the Sandbox Network Marcus is well connected to entrepreneurs around the world.

Remy Blaettler – Chief of the System @ Supertext AG

Remy Blaettler

He devours ASP.NET, JavaScript and pretzel stick sandwiches. Since 2006, Rémy has been continually developing the Supertext system. In the beginning from Manhattan, where he worked as a programmer for eight years. Rémy put together his computer science backpack at the Technische Hochschule Rapperswil, and graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago with a Master of Computer Engineering.