This whole thing looks a little let’s say “simple”. Is this serious?

This is serious. An old startup saying is: Eat your own dogfood. Which means in our case, if you promote “Lean”, be lean. We are lean to the core. And simple is not bad, is it?


Is this for me?



I’m not a developer. Can I attend?



I have no startup idea. Why should I come?

Because other people have ideas. And we have tons of ideas too.


What do you offer me?

A cool weekend.

Meet great people.

Professional consultants that help you develop your idea.

Great graphic designers that can help you create a logo and help with the look & feel of our prototype. You won’t get that anywhere else.


Why not do venture lab first?

Sure, why not? But if you have no plans on April 27th, why not show up to the Venture Plan workshop with a working prototype?


Are there any rules?

Yes, no NDA’s. The first rule you learn in every startup class is that your idea is worth nothing without execution.

Share your idea, let it grow and then execute it.


Any recommendation about technology?

Yes, don’t try something new. Don’t do native apps.


I’ve attended the Lean Startup Factory Weekend and built a prototype. What can I do now?

Incorporate your company with IFJ: firmen-gruendung.ch

Or maybe start with a busines plan first: Venture Lab or Startup Weekend


Any investors around to found my startup?

We are working on it. Looking good.


How do i found a company in Switzerland very easy?

Just visit www.firmen-gruendung.ch and let the guys from IFJ do this for you.


Not satisfied?

Ask us on our Facebook page.